• On August 1, 2018,
    the day-trip hot spring facility KOKI was
    hot spring inn Yuya no yado KOKI renewel opend .

    We arranged the lattice which imagined the town shop in Kyoto,
    the elegant lanterns and goodwill etc. to the exterior and named
    the first floor, the second floor and the third floor
    in the hallrespectively
    Kiya machi street,Hanami kouji street,Ishibei kouji street
    It is a characteristic building unique to Arima.
    The lobby has beautiful decorations that change once a month so that
    you can feel the change of the season, so many customers
    will be included in the picture and get back home.
  • In Arima Onsen, a ferrous sodium chloride high salt hot spring
    Gold hot spring called Kinsen since ancient times anda radium
    Silver hot springcalled Ginsen spring out.
    Yuya no yado KOKI draws these two types of hot springs from the fountain.
    Especially Kinsen draws hot springs from the adjacent [Ariake Fountain source],
    and among the Arima Onsen it is a hot spring of reputation among repeaters as
    the quality of spring is very good and the effect of hot water is also high.

    From 9:30 to 16:00, you can use Kinsen and Ginsen
    as a day-triphot spring facility.
    Both men and women can enter only about 10 people,
    but please relax yourself in a calm atmosphere while looking at the cozy garden.
    It is a nice accommodation but there is also a meal at Arima Onsen town.
    We will introduce you on request, so please enjoy your favorite meal.
    There is also Rokko Arima Ropeway nearby, and you can enjoy
    the views and panorama of Rokko Mountain every season.
    All the staff are waiting for your early reservation.

             A bathing tax of 150 yen
             will be charged separately from the accommodation fee.

  Check In/Out     
             check-in:15:0022:00 / check out:10:00

             Children under 12 years old are not allowed. Please acknowledge it.

  Smoking and smoking cessation
            Smoking is not permitted inside the hotel except smoking rooms.


  Card information
             VISA / MASTER / CUP

  Transportation service
             There( 8:00 ~ 10:00 、 15:00 ~ 19:00 )
             It is not necessary to reserve a shuttle bus.
             Please call us on arrival at the train station / bus stop on Arima Onsen.
             Phone number:078-903-0221

  Parking Lot
             Price: Guests Number of free parking: 8 vehicles Outdoor    

            【In the case of public transportation】
             ■About 1 hour by high-speed direct
              bus from JR Osaka stationandHankyu Umeda station.
             ■About 1 hour 15 minutes by high-speed direct bus from JR Kyoto station.
             ■It is approximately 30 minutes by train or bus from Sannomiya Station.
              ・Kobe Electric Railway Arima Onsen Station ⇒ 7 minutes on foot.
              ・JR bus stop ⇒ 7 minutes on foot.
              ・Hankyu bus station ⇒ 5 minutes on foot.
            【In case of car.】
             ■Approximately 15 minutes from
              the Nishinomiya Kita IC in Cyugoku’s Expressway.
             ■About 5 minutes from Arimaguchi exit of
              Hanshin Expressway Kita Kobe Line.
             ■It is approximately 20 minutes from Kobe Sanda Premium Outlet.

  Day bathing       
             9:3016:00    Closed: Tuesday




We will inform you of the closing day of January.
We will inform you of the closed holiday in December.
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We will inform you of the closed holiday in November.
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