• In Arima Onsen, a ferrous sodium chloride high salt hot spring Gold hot spring called since ancient times and radium Silver hot spring called . Koki draws these two types of hot springs from the fountain. Especially Kinsen draws hot springs from the adjacent [Ariake Fountain source], and among the Arima Onsen it is a hot spring of reputation among repeaters as the high quality and effect of hot springs.
    Please experience the hot springs of the Arima Onsen at Koki.

    • Public Hot springs
    • No.1 and No.2 are separate baths for men and women, and there are baths of [Kinsen] and [Ginsen].You can have good time in the calm atmosphere while watching the small garden.

    • ■ Opening time 16:00〜23:00 / 6:30〜8:30

  • 【No.1】Women’s bath
  •         〔Kinsen〕                [Ginsen〕

  • 【No.2】Men’s bath
  •         〔Kinsen〕                〔Ginsen〕

  • Private Hot springs(free)
  • No.3 to No.6 are private hot springs that you can use 45 minutes, but it’s only provide free for the guests staying. Although it will be a reservation system, it is available you can enjoy it any number of times, so please contact the front desk when you using.

  • ■ Amount of Private hot springs: 4
    ■ Opening time: 15:00~23:45, 6:30~9:15(It can be used for 45 minutes each time)
    ■ Types of hot springs: All four are silver hot springs.
    ※The book rule of private hot spring is first come first.

  •       【No.3】〔Ginsen〕

  • 【No.4】〔Ginsen〕

  • 【No.5】〔Ginsen〕

  • 【No.6】〔Ginsen〕

  • ※Guests on day trips can’t use the private hot springs.